Identity and Access Management conferences and events serve as crucial platforms for professionals and experts to converge, share insights, and stay abreast of the latest developments in the IAM field. These conferences bring together thought leaders, industry experts, and solution providers to discuss emerging trends, best practices, and innovative solutions in IAM and cybersecurity. Attendees have the opportunity to participate in workshops, panel discussions, and networking sessions, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.

The benefits of attending IAM conferences are multifaceted, ranging from gaining in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge technologies to understanding the evolving threats, solutions, and regulatory landscape. Participants can explore new IAM tools and strategies that address current security challenges that we often raise in our IAM blog, ultimately enhancing their organization’s overall cybersecurity posture. Additionally, these conferences offer a valuable platform for professionals to establish connections, share experiences, and build a community that collectively works towards advancing the field of identity and access management.

Identity and Access Management Conferences

Identity and Access Management Conferences

Identity Management Institute partners with various IAM and cybersecurity conference organizers to help its members and IAM professionals find the right identity and access management conferences that match their interests.

Cyber Security & Cloud Congress North America – June 5-6, 2024 Santa Clara, California, USA

Embark on a transformative journey at the highly anticipated Cyber Security & Cloud Congress North America (Cyber Security & Cloud Expo World Series) taking place on June 5-6, 2024, at the prestigious Santa Clara Convention Center in California. This distinguished event is a pivotal gathering for forward-thinking enterprise technology professionals, offering insights into the ever-evolving realms of cybersecurity and cloud technology.

Event Highlights

  • Distinguished list of speakers
  • An expansive exhibition showcasing cutting-edge products and solutions
  • Seven co-located events covering AI & Big Data, IoT, Unified Communications, Digital Transformation, Edge Computing, Cyber Security & Cloud, and Intelligent Automation
  • With 7,000 attendees, 76% at the management level, this congress provides a unique platform for fostering meaningful connections and collaborations with industry leaders

Free Access

Complimentary Conference Passes are available for qualified professionals. Individuals with a strong professional background in IAM and cybersecurity can apply for a complimentary Gold Pass. If the applicants meet the criteria, an email invitation with a complimentary Gold Pass will be issued.

Discounted Prices

Interested professionals who do not meet the requirements for free access can use the code IMI25 at checkout to receive 25% discount. Visit the website for more details and ticket types.