CIAM and CIMP Certifications

CIAM and CIMP certifications

This article explains the CIAM and CIMP certifications as they are among the top IAM certifications offered by Identity Management Institute. Identity and access management certifications by IMI are ideal for those professionals who are looking to become expert identity specialists to pursue an identity management career or complement their existing career paths.

Identity and access management certifications are vital for active professionals and job seekers who are looking to gain new knowledge, validate their skills, seek rewarding careers, and network with peers. IAM plays a crucial role in helping organizations onboard users, manage their access to systems and data, and prevent security breaches.

CIAM and CIMP certifications

CIAM and. CIMP Certifications – The Difference

The Certified Identity and Access Manager (CIAM) program is designed for IAM process and risk management professionals who help an organization transform and improve identity and access management within an organization. A CIAM professional understands the IAM concepts of onboarding, access management, and policy enforcement, and is capable of completing a comprehensive risk assessment, designing IAM programs, communicating risk assessment results and, reporting the state of IAM to various stakeholders. 

CIAM certified experts are experienced professionals who demonstrates the ability to design, improve, implement and manage IAM processes and programs. Their proposals help transform identity lifecycle to streamline IAM procedures, implement activity tracking, and improve workflow.

On the other hand, Certified Identity Management Professional (CIMP) experts are technical experts who provide technical and system solutions to support the IAM program and policies.

The CIMP certification is for any technical expert who designs, develops, and implements IAM systems to facilitate the authorization and authentication of digital identities and their access across an organization.

CIMP technical experts can propose technical solutions, help select and implement IAM products that meet the needs of their organizations, manage projects, and develop systems in accordance with secure coding practices and digital identity guidelines.

The best candidates to become CIMP members are technical professionals with an interest or passion for gathering system requirements based on identity and access management needs, risk assessment results, and emerging threats. The CIMP certification program helps candidates develop and implement scalable IAM technologies and solutions that automate and streamline IAM processes, strengthen cybersecurity, and improve access management workflow and control.

Certification Process

If you’re looking to pursue an IAM certification program, you must be a member of Identity Management Institute and pass an online examination. Upon passing the exam, you will be a certified IAM expert in your domain and serve global organizations, and government agencies to design, manage, improve, or implement identity and access management programs and processes. To maintain your certification, certified experts must renew annual membership and maintain 60 hours of continuing education every 3 years.

Understanding the CIAM and CIMP certification scope, objectives, and critical risk domains will help you choose the right certification program that meets your needs. When analyzing the fundamentals of the CIAM and CIMP certifications, you recognize a few factors that make one program differ from the other.

By joining IMI and becoming a certified member, you demonstrate a commitment to the identity and access management field, showcase your professional skills, and engage in professional networking.

Visit our certification page to learn more about CIAM and CIMP certifications or watch this video for a quick overview of both certifications.

Identity and access management certifications