Certified Metaverse Security Consultant (CMSC)™ Application

CMSC Web3 security certification

The Certified Metaverse Security Consultant (CMSC)™ Web3 security certification is created by the Metaverse Security Center with the support of Identity Management Institute for cybersecurity professionals who would like to become experts in the fast growing Web3 security field and the metaverse.

The CMSC Web3 security certification course offers blockchain security training to address various metaverse security topics and solutions including identity management, fraud prevention, security risk management, and compliance. 

Below are the proposed chapters for the CMSC certification study guide and examination. These critical risk domains include many sub-chapters that provide additional details for a comprehensive metaverse security risk management education and training program:

Critical Risk Domains

1. Metaverse Security Overview

2. Web3 Model and Architecture

3. Metaverse Security Threats

4. Metaverse Security Risks

  • Blockchain and Smart Contract
  • Decentralized Identity and dApps
  • NFT and Crypto
  • AI and Data Management
  • Ethics, Privacy, and Compliance
  • IoT, Wearables, AR/VR
  • Phishing and Social Engineering
  • Identity Theft and Cybercrime

5. Metaverse Security Countermeasures

Certification Eligibility

Qualified candidates with 40 points of combined education, experience and relevant certification in cybersecurity, IT or related field are encouraged to become a Certified Metaverse Security Consultant (CMSC) without examination and help finalize the study guide for future candidates who will have to pass the exam to become certified when the program is fully launched. Each year of education or experience and certification equals 10 points.

Certification Fees

New members ($290) – Includes 1 year membership, study guide, and digital certificate

Existing members ($195) – Includes digital certificate and study guide

Application Process

Please complete the application below for review and approval. Upon approval, you will receive a payment link to pay the required fees. New members are also required to submit a membership application.

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