Data Protection Webinar Training

CDP data protection webinar training

As part of our broader education and training services, Identity Management Institute organizes various data protection webinar training courses to introduce the Certified in Data Protection (CDP)® content and provide online training for CDP certification to improve the knowledge and skills of webinar attendees and prepare them for the CDP certification exam. CDP webinars offer a convenient and quick way to learn about CDP content, and prepare for the CDP data protection certification exam. This page is intended to provide information about upcoming data protection webinar training.

CDP data protection webinar training

About Certified in Data Protection (CDP)®

Certified in Data Protection (CDP)® is a comprehensive global training and certification program developed by Identity Management Institute which leverages international security standards and privacy laws to teach candidates about best data protection practices during the entire data lifecycle management.

Webinar Training Benefits

  • Efficient learning – attend online training without travel to learn about the main topics quickly
  • Safe environment – attend from a safe and comfortable location of your own choosing
  • Cost effective – online training is much more cost effective than onsite training
  • Earn CPE – every webinar is an opportunity to earn CPE hours
  • Focused topics – the CDP webinars offer specific topics included in the CDP study guide
  • Convenient participation – team members from various locations and time zones can attend
  • Prepare for certification exams – data protection webinar training complements self-study materials to prepare candidates for CDP certification by Identity Management Institute
  • Stay up to date – CDP webinars offer up to date information about the CDP content and industry best practices

CDP Data Protection Webinar Training Benefits

Depending on your status whether you are a new member, current non-certified member, or CDP certified, the following are some of the benefits of our data protection webinar training. Individuals who intend to join IMI and become CDP certified may desire to supplement the study guide and quickly improve their knowledge of CDP content and exam information while current CDP members may wish to refresh their knowledge and obtain CPE hours.

  • Introduction to CDP chapters
  • Quiz for exam preparation
  • Study guide
  • Up to 3 exams
  • Digital certificate

Upcoming Data Protection Webinar Training Dates

We offer the following CDP webinars at various times to accommodate global attendees in different time zones.

  • September 6, 2022 8am-10am Pacific Time (2 hours)
  • September 6, 2022 9pm-11pm Pacific Time (2 hours)

Webinar Prices

The following prices apply to the 2-hour webinars:

  • $640 – New members seeking CDP certification (webinar, 1 year IMI membership, study guide, 3 exams, digital certificate)
  • $545 – Current members seeking CDP certification (webinar, study guide, 3 exams, digital certificate)
  • $150 – Anyone who is only interested in attending the webinar

Data Protection Resources

Join the CDP page on LinkedIn or IMI home page on LinkedIn to stay in touch and interact with our content and others.

Note: CDP webinar training courses offered by Identity Management Institute are the only official and authorized webinars to prepare candidates for the Certified in Data Protection (CDP)® certification program which is a registered property and trademark of Identity Management Institute.

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