Identity Theft Company Certification

Certified IAM Product

As we all know, identity theft continues to affect millions of consumers and there is no shortage of data breach cases which can lead to identity theft and fraud with stolen personal information. Many identity theft companies have leveraged this trend to start successful businesses some of them backed by investment banking entities which are looking to increase their return on investment in a growing and competitive market.

Certified IAM Product

Selecting an Identity Theft Service

When selecting an identity theft service, consumers are faced with many choices of identity theft service providers which offer somewhat similar services in a very competitive market. Comparing their product features, service quality, and prices may be confusing and time consuming to consumers who attempt to select one identity theft company over another one.

When selecting an identity theft company, how do consumers know which identity theft company offers the best and most appropriate identity theft service for them? Often consumers read service reviews written by various blogs and news outlets or read online reviews written by other customers but these reviews are often not based on adequate product testing by experts. They are based on information provided by bloggers or consumers who share their limited experience which may be false and incomplete.

Identity Theft Company Certification

Identity Management Institute offers an identity theft product audit and certification that identity theft companies can undergo in order to receive a certification report and seal to showcase their services and gain a competitive edge. The report typically lists what services the company offers, claims made by the company, and other information such as comparative analysis, quality of customer service, system access and security based on ISO 27002/27001, data retention, and privacy policy. The certification process requires detail testing of the company services and claims regarding their product features, system management, and customer service.

If a company does not have an independent audit report to confirm their claims, then consumers must ask a few questions to themselves and others in order to select the best service and may end up selecting the wrong identity theft company or just another service instead of yours.

Consumers may ask themselves why they plan to buy an identity theft protection service and which company can meet their needs. Often, people decide to buy an ID theft service after they have experienced identity theft. Next, they try to understand what services the companies offer, do these services meet quality standards, and do companies collect the information from reliable sources?

Another important question that consumers may ask themselves is what does the company do after they collect all that personal information in order to analyze and notify their customers about potential signs of identity theft? Where do they store the information? Is the data secure? Do they sell that information? Do they delete the information after consumers stop using their services?

These are not easy questions to answer if the company does not share with consumers through a detailed report which is why it is important that identity theft companies voluntarily undergo a certification of their product by an independent party in order to demonstrate why they are one of the best identity theft companies and answer as many of consumers’ questions as possible upfront in order to gain their trust.

The ID theft product certification report and badge have many benefits including:

  • Attempt to answer as many of the consumer questions upfront
  • Clearly communicate your services and benefits
  • Validate your claims by an independent party
  • Use the report as a marketing tool
  • Showcase the IMI seal of “Certified Product”

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