IMI Ranked Top Identity and Access Management Organization

Enterprise Security Magazine listed Identity Management Institute as a top identity and access management organization in 2021. IMI provides thought leadership, training, and professional certification to its global members, and was the first organization of its kind established in 2007 to offer independent certifications in 8 separate IAM sub-domains.

Top identity and access management organization

The importance of identity and access management has increased in recent years for many reasons including greater cybersecurity, data breach prevention, and operational efficiencies for managing digital identities and system access. Increasing remote workforce specially after the Covid-19 pandemic, Internet of Things, as well as cloud computing and storage are among some of the top factors for the rising importance of IAM. Learn about other factors contributing to the rise of IAM.

In particular, data breach incidents have been attributed to poor access management and employee error who unwittingly shar their access credentials with hackers who steal their passwords mainly through social engineering. It is estimated that companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars to deal with the aftermath of data breach cases such as investigation, legal expenses, data recovery, compliance, media relations, and compensation to affected parties.

This is why IAM concepts such as Zero Trust have emerged as key solutions for preventing data breach and unauthorized access. Identity Management Institute was among the first organizations to write about the security risk and benefits of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and decentralized finance, IoT, automated cars and robots, as well as the importance of Artificial Intelligence in timey prevention and detection of unauthorized access.

These major industry changes have resulted in a shortage of certified identity management professionals who understand the technical aspects or developing, implementing, and managing IAM products and solutions.

Top Identity and Access Management Organization

The professional certifications offered by Identity Management Institute offer specialized training and niche certifications in a bite size format to reduce cost, speed up the learning process, and fast-track certification for candidates.

The significance of Certified Identity and Access Manager (CIAM) certification program was also mentioned by the Enterprise Security Magazine as the leading IAM certification for identity professionals who manage risks in the ever-expanding identity and access management industry. Read the Enterprise Security article about CIAM certification.

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