Should You Consider IAM Certification?

identity and access management certification

If you are in the identity and access management field, should you consider IAM certification? Pursuing identity and access management certification has the potential to improve your career as an IT specialist or cybersecurity professional. Although professional certification isn’t always required, undergoing targeted training expands your knowledge base, improves your career opportunities, and prepares you to address the unique challenges involved in developing, deploying and maintaining IAM strategies.

Numerous vendor-neutral identity and access management certifications are available through Identity Management Institute IAM certification programs.

Benefits of Becoming Certified in Identity and Access Management

Security needs are always evolving. Businesses and organizations often scramble to keep up with emerging threats and new standards for compliance. The continuing shortage of well-qualified cybersecurity professionals means many companies are attempting to handle identity and access management needs without proper guidance, which can lead to serious and costly consequences.

By obtaining IAM certification, you:

• Position yourself to break into a lucrative and growing market
• Increase your credibility in the IT and cybersecurity fields
• Become a more desirable candidate for identity management positions
• Can offer more value in a market that caters to increasing security needs
• Are prepared to provide guidance in meeting the latest compliance requirements
• May be eligible for better positions or a higher salary

Top IAM Certifications for IT Professionals

Numerous vendor-neutral IAM certifications are available through Identity Management Institute. Some providers of IAM solutions also provide certification for their products. Most programs provide targeted cybersecurity training in specific areas. Choose a certification to improve your skills for a job you already do or learn new skills to help you break into a different field.

Identity Management Institute Certifications

Certifications from the Identity Management Institute require membership in the organization, a passing grade on the certification exam and 60 hours of continuing education every three years.

Certified Identity and Access Manager (CIAM) certification is for professionals who want to develop, implement and maintain identity and access programs for businesses and organizations. The training prepares you to create and deploy these programs with the goal of mitigating risks associated with the use of digital identities. The curriculum also includes learning how to demonstrate the necessity of IAM strategies and walk companies through steps for implementation.

Certified Access Management Specialist (CAMS) certification is for professionals who work with critical information systems. Going through CAMS training prepares you to protect sensitive data with strict access control parameters and consistent monitoring. Companies in need of better access management policies can benefit from hiring professionals with this certification.

Certified Identity Management Professional (CIMP) certification is designed for technical IAM professionals. CIMP improves your ability to design, program, implement and manage identity management systems. CIMP training involves learning how to assess threats, understand compliance requirements and deploy protocols designed to address existing and emerging cybersecurity and IAM concerns.

Other IAM Certifications

Other IAM certifications from Identity Management Institute include the Certified Identity Governance Expert (CIGE) and Certified Identity and Security Technologist (CIST) certification programs.

If the company for which you work uses or plans to use a specific IAM platform, you may be able to obtain training and certification through the solution provider. These certifications are designed to enable more strategic deployment, use and maintenance of individual IAM solutions.

Who Should Pursue Identity and Access Management Certification?

Professionals in the IT or cybersecurity industry seeking to improve their understanding and execution of IAM policies and procedures can benefit from IAM certification programs offered by Identity Management Institute. Whether you currently work with businesses to create, deploy and manage identity and access programs and systems or want to expand your IAM skill set to complement your expertise, certification is available in your desired area of expertise.

Certification is also helpful if you work in an environment where company executives need to be educated about the importance of identity and access management. Going through a certification program can prepare you to explain the necessity of including IAM as a key part of a cybersecurity policy, and it gives you the tools to develop the best solutions to handle threats specific to your company or industry.

The rise of new threat vectors is likely to increase demand for highly qualified IT and cybersecurity professionals. Getting certified as an identity and access management specialist can position you to offer a targeted set of skills relevant to the most pressing security needs across industries. The continuing education aspect of certification ensures you’re always up on the most pressing issues in the IAM world and can offer the best support for companies in need of stronger IAM programs. Click below to learn more about IAM certifications.

Identity and access management certifications